Invoiz is an eco-friendly and easy to use mobile application which will be beneficial for future generations as the technology aims at minimizing paper production and conservation of trees. Receipt management is automated and simple to track and navigate. The real time expense tracker feature is unique as it helps to identify all purchases and transaction receipts in one place. As a business tool for sending cash receipts to students is easy and simple.

Praseeth K Nair
Owner And Now Dance FZ LLE

Being a university student, the concept of the Invoiz app proves to be a really exciting one, considering the functionality of the app as well as the environmental and health concern it brings to light. Invoiz not only helps keep track of expenses but also provides an organizer option to save digital receipts in separate folders. These options help students to keep track of their expenses on a day to day basis. All in all, Invoiz is a great utility App and I really look forward to more retailers signing up to this initiative so as to unlock the full potential of this great app.

Vijay Vivekanandan
University Student

I use Invoiz through the manual receipt feature. It helps me in tracking my expenses and I'm looking forward to more retailers signing up so that I can use this app to its full potential.

Anupama Gokhale
Co-founder Upcycle

I can't help noticing the number of paper receipts which are issued by retailers only to end up in the trash can in a few seconds. I support initiatives like Invoiz that give customers like me, and option to say ‘No to Paper Receipts’. Hope to see more retailers partner with Invoiz.

Prashant Bansal
Project Manager - Archgroup International