Why Invoiz?

Paper receipts and basic digital receipts sent through a POS
have little or no benefits to a brand and its customers.

That’s All About To Change With Invoiz !

Show That You Care


Bring your brand in line with the
times and provide a safe checkout
experience for your customers, so
that they are comfortable to return
to your store.


Position yourself as a green and
sustainable brand by stop printing
paper receipts and eliminating the
unnecessary waste that ends up
in landfills.


Make your customers lives easier by
providing them with a digital proof of
purchase that can be easily tracked,
stored and is a channel to engage with
the brand.

Cost Savings

Reduce your overhead costs on printers, printer supplies, printed marketing material, storage boxes & spaces and use the savings in other aspects of your brand’s operation.

Effortless Onboarding

Invoiz runs over an online or offline POS software, eliminating complicated and time-consuming integration. Invoiz can be installed on any platform remotely or on premise and the average onboarding time for each store is less than 5 mins.

We have secured connectors available if true integration is preferred by the brand.

Multiple Channels

Brands can send smart digital receipts to their App, WhatsApp, SMS, Invoiz Viewer, and the Invoiz App.

Customer Engagement At It’s Best

Smart Digital Receipt

The web-based, user-friendly, smart digital receipt template can be customized to ensure seamless and maximum customer engagement across all age groups.

Highly engaged customers buy more, promote more, and demonstrate more loyalty!

Dynamic customizations include:
  • Feedback
  • Comments
  • Product Info
  • Social Media
  • Promotions
  • Vouchers
  • Notifications
  • Loyalty Points
  • App Downloads
  • Order Details

Invoiz Panel

The web-based panel is a powerful monitoring tool to ensure consistent brand standards and customer experience are met across all stores.

Features include:
  • Tracking & analyzing real-time insights received through the smart digital receipt.
  • Enhance NPS and ensure customer retention by replying to customers comments and addressing customer feedback.
  • Insights configured for management and store levels.
  • Insights and feedback redirected to the brands CRM system for further analysis.
  • Customized access for marketing teams to run campaigns.
  • Monitor the brands environmental footprint.

Additional Benefits

Create a complete customer profile
that includes customer spending and
feedback, making it easy to flag and address
negative feedback from high-value customers
thereby retaining them.

Increase your brands
WhatsApp subscribers list, thereby
facilitating further engagement and
WhatsApp shopping.

Digitize your store exit checks with
a quick and seamless first to market
feature that prevent thefts and validates
store exit.

Simple Pricing Plan

The price per onboarded POS is all-inclusive and there is no cap on the number of digital receipts that can be sent per day per POS.

SMS & WhatsApp message costs are excluded from the price to give brands the cost-saving benefits of purchasing messages in bulk from third-party service providers.

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Your data is safe with us

Your data security and privacy is our top most priority.

We secure your data using the latest and best practices, so you are protected at all times.

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